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Snow removal services in Barrhaven

Snow removal Barhaven

The Snow King Ottawa is a Ottawa snow removal service in Ottawa. We provide residential snow removal services in Barrhaven. When it comes to residential snow removal services in Ottawa, we are honored at being an industry leader because of our 5 star reputation. Our team of professional operators are dedicated to delivering reliable quality service, every year. The Snow King Ottawa snow removal service in Ottawa is very proud of our prestige for having the round the clock service and customer care.

We are the ultimate choice for your residential snow removal needs because we provide you with the well experienced and trained team so that the work can be done easily without much trouble. Our clients do not have to bother much or enquire about the level of the technician’s ability, as each and every technician goes through the same rigorous training period before hopping into the service. We assess your property before the first snow falls off. This allows us to spot all the obstacles such as curbs, fire hydrants, and more. Later on, when we return to clear your property of snow and ice, we have already marked out the hazards so we will be able to clear the snow without causing unnecessary damage to your property. You will not have to worry about the financial losses as we provide you with full bond and insurance

Our snow and ice management pieces of equipment are properly prepared and we come up with new and modern types of equipment and are designed for clearing snow and ice on commercial properties which help in doing the work within the appropriate time. In order to avoid over-salting, we monitor air and pavement temperatures. This protects ground-water by extension, the environment. We lend our customers with the provision of constant client communication so that they may get instant help in any situation. We carefully track and record all site visits and serve you with log sheets at any time so as to confirm the type and timing of completion of the work. You are offered the following benefits for being a residential snow clearing client of snow removal Barrhaven You can have driveway clearing services at your home between 1st November and 15th April. For each snow day, there will be two snow clearing driveways.

Snow Removal Services in Ottawa


The first snow clearing we begin providing snow removal service to residential properties at 5 cm (2 inches) of snow or more and the second cleaning after the city plow has passed away.  Driveway-plowing and shoveling of sidewalks walkways are also available. We have both per visit options as well as seasonal options. We do provide pre-scheduled snow removal services as per the demand of the customers. For our lawn maintenance, customers take advantage of our seasonal option and receive two free snow removal visits of our snow removal services in Ottawa. For our commercial clients, we take snow removal very seriously. We do understand your business and perform our best to schedule our services around your hours of operations. We have the provision of parking-lot plowing, sidewalk shoveling, bulk-salting, and also snow elevation for the bigger storms. Snow removal Barrhaven gives you 24×7 service and thoroughly tracks all short and long-range weather forecasts along with daily conditions to ensure that our winter maintenance crews are present at the right time so that you do not have to deal many problems and your issues are resolved instantly.

If unfortunately, you face a serious issue snow removal services in Barrhaven allow its customers the direct access to the owner or the operator. Your commercial property requires safety and accessibility. If you will hire our snow removal services in Ottawa it means you obtain peace of mind, knowing about your business and customers will be cared for it and will have consent to the services they wish. For booking procedure for snow removal services in Barrhaven, you just need to go on our website and have to share some information and you can select the driveways according to your choices and you can even mention the additional services in the details box. Hence for snow removal services in Ottawa is the premium option for you.

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