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Snow King Ottawa is a locally owned and operated snow removal company providing residential snow removal services in Barrhaven. When it comes to residential snow removal services, we are proud of our reputation as an industry leader. Our team of professional operators are dedicated to delivering reliable quality service, year after year. Snow King Ottawa is very proud of our reputation for having the highest possible service and customer care.


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Brutal winters, overwhelming snowfall, obstructed life; do you really want to dig your way into your home when you come back from work? Well, that is not a good idea. So, what is the better idea? Snow king is ever ready to offer you best service should you feel the urge to find the snow removal services in Ottawa in those times of utter chaos that is frozenly bizarre. We are one of the major residential snow removal companies Ottawa that exclusively deals with residential jobs. So, your search for residential snow removal companies should end here. It is no more going to be erratic out there on the driveway.


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